Catacomb Party

Down here we are all the same.

"No boss, no master...Many people come down here to party, some people to paint. Some people to destroy or to create or to explore. We do what we want here. We don't have rules. At the surface… We say, 'To be happy, stay hidden.'"

No boss. No master.




We strive to challenge ourselves and our fellow creatives to reach new heights in their respective fields. Our vision is of an industry that transcends boundaries and bridges the gap between art and entertainment. 



We are passionate about community and seeing economic growth in our urban center. Our projects don't work without your help. Together, we can and will dramatically improve the landscape of our common space.



Our home for now is the Fulton Mall and, while we support many of the city's efforts to revitalize our core, we are always committed to preserving the culture of that which came before us. A little respect goes a long way.



Catacomb Party began in 2012, as a humble little release show. As a way of thanking the community for so many years of support, it was decided that the event should allow people of all ages and walks of life to attend, free of charge. As it happened, Downtown Fresno was in the middle of a huge push for urban revitalization and showed great interest in sponsoring an event of this nature. Remarkably, over 1,500 people showed up, driven only by word-of-mouth and social media, causing the party to quickly become one of the most talked/blogged about Central Valley events that year. The entire thing was paid for through sponsorships with local businesses, such as Rogue Festival and Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co.

Though not intended to become an annual thing, the city's overwhelming push to keep it going have brought the organizers back together for an attempt at recreating the event on a larger scale.

In July of 2013, the second annual Catacomb Party saw an unexpected growth spurt, with attendance of 4,000+ and over 40 acts on five stages, including internationally renowned artists such as Afrobeat drummer, Tony Allen, and hiphop emcee, Fashawn. Year two also featured a skate demo, beer garden, live art, food trucks, and a pop-up retail marketplace. Despite its marketing efforts still relying primarily on word-of-mouth, social media, and limited print advertising, the event reported economic growth in excess of 400% when compared to year one.

After such an unprecedented spike, the organizers opted to postpone the event in 2014, in favor of expanding operations to include business manager, Nathaniel Stiers, and PR specialist, Marci Lopez. By reevaluating the event's potential, both socially and economically, the organizers view spring 2015 as the official relaunch of Catacomb Party.


Catacomb Party is and always will be:

free // loud // all ages // inclusive

We started this thing with the idea of giving back. Even as we continue to grow, that part of our plan will never change. We work with sponsors and advertisers to help pay for talent, production, and personnel but at the heart of it all is a team of people who just wanna shake shit up.